NVN Discounts / Prices module quick help



Switch between prices and discounts edit


 Configure settings


Add / update discounts / prices


Select type (% for percentual, F for fixed, A for amount) and value and Apply

You can use preset values for selected rows

If values are not applied, decrease items per page (limits of server configuration)

Add multiple discounts values at once (from ver. 2.5)

You can add multiple values into “Value” and “From quantity” and “Group“. If count of values in fields is not same for Quantity is assumed “1” and for Groups is assumed “All”. Group add as ID Group. Values separated by semicolon ;

 Delete Discounts


Select main product row (blue or gray) and unselect discount rows (pink)

Add new discount values (for product with discounts)


Insert new values into main product row (blue or gray)and “Apply”. (Row must be selected)

Prices “Live edit”


Select display price impact or final price for combinations.

Select type (% for percentual, F for fixed, A for amount) and value and Apply

Be carefull with prices update. If You have short execution time on server, operation can be incomplete.

Read CSV export / import part, how to backup and restore prices !!! – http://www.praotec.com/nvn-discounts-prices-module-csv-export-import/



 Product page: http://netvianet.com/home/29-discounts-specific-price.html



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  1. 22.4.2015 at 0.12

    I was looking for module like this long time! A perfect job done here. Highly recommended!

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