NVN import export .xlsx (MS Excel file) – quick help

Quick help


1/ export (with or without images)
2/ zip
3/ download


4/ unzip and edit xlsx in MS Excel or in Calc

5/ upload back to source site or to new site
6/ run import – products and categories with new ID will be added, edited products and categories will be modified.


Read more:

Export setting: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-import-export-xlsx-ms-excel-file-export-setting/

Import setting: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-import-export-xlsx-ms-excel-file-import-setting/

Workbook editing: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-import-export-xlsx-ms-excel-file-workbook-editing/

3 comments for “NVN import export .xlsx (MS Excel file) – quick help

  1. 22.4.2015 at 0.09

    Great module, thanx! Works great, saved a lot of time! Good job.

  2. Wouter
    12.10.2015 at 18.54


    I would like to buy your import/export to xlsx addon, but does your program support product translations for a second language?

    I need to find a solution for moving from a dual language (dutch/french) webshop to a prestahop version, and your application looks ideal for switching databases.

    Thank you in advance for answering,

    Best Regards.

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