NVN Import XML Products module quick help


1 / Set-up taxes and category, where to import

2/ Insert link from export module

3/ Save setting


Problem:  FAILURE STOP: Export files on source site does not exist or is not completed. Export first.

Check if xml file is really exported (and complete) on source site.


If yes, setup Import module:

Fill “Source web IP address” in “Advanced option” and “SAVE”


( To get IP address, use ping command and source domain name from windows command line or  from linux terminal)

2 comments for “NVN Import XML Products module quick help

  1. 19.10.2022 at 10.16

    i tryed many times to import products in Prestashop with version NVN 3.4.3 in both modules export and import, but its not working all the time, what im doing wrong? Best regards, Jose

    • ka fa
      19.10.2022 at 10.27

      This import is simply very old and isn’t compatible with your prestashop version. 🙁

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