NVN Export Orders update

Update from any previous paid version is free.

Go into module configuration, bottom You can see:


If Your current version (1) is less than available version (2), You can download new version.

Always read instructions (3) , if reinstall is required

You can download  module update from Your account / orders detail, or contact me with Your registration email and with Your order number. New version will be sent to Your registration email.

If reinstall not required:


Go into list of modules (1), add new module (2), select new version (3) and upload (4).

Do not uninstall module, if You uninstall, Your setting will be lost!  Simply upload  module in Your BackOffice.


Important: After upload new version, go into  module configuration and check the settings and “Save settings”.


How to update if reinstall is required:


1/ export Your settings

2/ backup Your settings

After reinstall import back Your saved settings.



Version 2.8.3

********* added field for order row
********* attribute group for combinations from name to public_name

********* improved security

********* option to remove white chars

If previous version was under 2.5 reinstall, otherwise only upload new version and don’t forget Selection_717

Version 2.7.1

********* added export as txt

********* added warehause

********* added SFTP FTPS option

********* up to 9 settings with info text

********* added purchase_supplier_price, tracking_number

********* added field for Mondial Relay

Version 2.6.7

********* improved calculated field – using previous result in next calc
********* repaired bug in selected IDs export (12 , 5 – 7, 2)

********* added product link fields

********* all Customer Groups or default only export

********* payment filter
********* od.original_product_price od.original_wholesale_price
********* CRLF all options

********* changed multiline and email subject keywords syntax
********* added email mesage editor
********* improved group by filter

Version 2.6.2

********* map replacement
********* drag drop improved
********* redirect and form action
********* template improved
********* PS 1.7 fix

Version 2.6

********* live export immediately, automatically after new Order is created, (reinstall required)
********* template improved
********* xlsx, html export template improved
********* added excel 5 xls format
********* repaired Carrier filter
********* redirect fixed
********* total_paid xml key renamed to totalpaid key – fixed bug
********* added fields Id attribute, Amazon mp order id, Customer website
********* Product Qty renamed to Product Quantity
********* Movable (sortable) fields for export
********* PHP 7 fix
********* FTP export – file renaming removed, added support for export more files at once, added new option for renaming exported files
********* Send to email – possibility change email subject. Support “XML tags” names.

If previous version was under 2.5 reinstall, otherwise only upload new version and don’t forget Selection_717

Version 2.5

repaired bug for multistore
new line character option – Line Feed or Carriage Return
added decimals option for rounding
ver. 2.5.1 – repaired bug in “Calculate field”

Reinstall required

Version 2.3.3

important! improved calculated fields (from version 2.3 all text fields should be enclosed in single quotes!!!) read more
CRON link improved  read more
superadmin option to allow change configuration
export / import settings for future update and customers support read more

Reinstall required

10 comments for “NVN Export Orders update

  1. Csaba Bolgár
    8.6.2016 at 10.34

    Dobrý deň

    Mám od Vás nakúpený modul Export Orders pre Prestashop a jeden z našich dodávateľov si chce zmeniť dodanie objednávok vygenerovaného CSV a to nasledovne.

    Potrebuje aby sme mu dodali CSV tak aby v CSV bolo vygenerované aj poštovné náklady za celú objednávku a to v riadkoch teda nie v stĺpci. Vzor som Vám už odoslal ale ste na to zatiaľ nereagovali takže neviem či ste ten mail nedostali alebo ste zmenili emailovú adresu mail som Vám poslal dňa 06.06.2016 na email.:
    Po prípadne Vám vzor môžem odoslať na aktuálnu emailovú adresu len mi prosím odpíšte na akú emailovú adresu mám odoslať.

    Moja otázka je v module Export Orders je už taká možnosť myslím niekde to odfajknúť alebo je to potrebne nejak nastaviť NVN Export Orders — POLE ak treba nastaviť POLE tak ako ?

    Za ochotu a pomoc vopred ďakujem.
    Čakám na Vašu odpoveď.

    • kafa
      8.6.2016 at 10.50

      Dobrý den,
      odpovídal jsem 6.6. 16. V příloze jsem posílal i novou verzi modulu, tak jestli to kvuli tomu neskončilo ve spamu.

      v modulu je pole “Total shipping tax incl” a “Total shipping tax excl”.
      Pokud tam ty pole nemáte, tak máte starší verzi, tak v minulé příloze jsem posílal tu poslední verzi.

  2. ichmussweg
    2.11.2016 at 15.23

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there is a chance to have more than 5 presettings which can be used to create exports? We have export running based on the weekday and corresponding status (shipped monday, shipped tuesday, and so on) and it would be very helpful to have more presettings available. Even better would be to have the chance to name these settings individually.

    Thanks a lot

    • kafa
      2.11.2016 at 16.01

      yes, it is possible setup up to six configuration setting. Each setting can export independently from other. Using Cron or manual switch in module.

      • ichmussweg
        18.5.2017 at 21.20

        Great! I see in your last version 2.7.5 a lot of improvements, e.g. customizable names for the presettings.
        I just noticed one rare result when exporting reports as xlsx file.

        What I have noticed is, that in some reports fieldsshow a random number of the same entry (e.g. for the field “order status” there are rows with “ShippedShippedShippedShippedShipped”, others with “Shipped” and another ones with “ShippedShippedShipped). This even is visible with order ids, e.g.

        Any idea why this could happen and what I need to change?

        • kafa
          19.5.2017 at 11.41

          Yes, in latest version you can use up to 9 named settings.
          For xlsx is used open source library, maybe it is bug in this librarry, but excel export is memory extensive operation, so can be also problem with memory limit …
          You can try switch to excel 5 xls format or csv?

          • ichmussweg
            20.5.2017 at 12.24

            Thank you for the quick response. I tried both XLS and CSV and the bug appeared again.
            For some reason, the bug still appears exactly with both formats.

            Any idea where to start? Should we ask our developers to debug?

        • kafa
          20.5.2017 at 12.58

          I’m surprised that nobody else reported this issue…
          Probably it is something specific in your installation.
          Can you export setting end send me? (see image 2 on this page how to export http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-update/ )
          I send You my email in e-mail.

  3. Rich
    18.4.2019 at 17.27

    Hi there,

    Where can I download this module?

    Thanks in advance.


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