NVN Export Orders Module “Calculated Fields”

Example: Add tax and prices fields into “Field for export” and export one orders. Then use invoice for this Orders to identify, what is what.

Workspace 1_017


Now You may create some “Calculated fields” – example:

(number 21 in this example is VAT)





Workspace 1_018







Example for calculated fields:

total_paid //All together with shipping and wrapping and with all VAT

total_shipping*(19/(19+100)) // {shipping_vat}VAT for shipping (19 is shipping tax rate, do not use taxtaxrate for shipping)

total_wrapping*(19/(19+100)) // {wrapping_vat}VAT for wrapping (19 is wrapping tax rate, do not use taxtaxrate for wrapping)

total_shipping – {shipping_vat}                    //{shipping} shipping without VAT for shipping

total_shipping-(total_shipping*(19/(19+100))) //{shipping} shipping without VAT for shipping

total_wrapping – {wrapping_vat}                    //{wrapping} wrapping without VAT for wrapping

total_wrapping-(total_wrapping*(19/(19+100))) //{wrapping} wrapping without VAT for wrapping

total_products + {shipping} + {wrapping}  // order total without VAT

total_products+(total_shipping-(total_shipping*(19/(19+100))))+(total_wrapping-(total_wrapping*(19/(19+100))))  // order total without VAT

(total_paid – total_shipping – total_wrapping) – total_products + {shipping_vat} + {wrapping_vat} // Order VAT total

(total_paid-total_shipping-total_wrapping)-total_products+(total_shipping*(19/(19+100)))+(total_wrapping*(19/(19+100))) // Order VAT total 


date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’,strtotime(‘invoice_date’)+60*60*24*10)  // invoice date + 10 days

invoice_prefix.sprintf(‘%06d’, invoice_number)  // invoice number with prefix and six digits

product_price*(1+taxtaxrate/100)  // product price with tax per one product

product_price*(1+taxtaxrate/100) * product_quantity  // product price with tax for all same ID products  in one order

round(product_price,2)  // value with 2 decimals


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