NVN Export Orders – Instructions

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Exported field setting


Drag and drop to add field into “Fields for export”

Tip: use CTRL+F  in your browser to quick fields search – example from Mozilla Firefox


Rename / translate fields name


(3)Edit user defined columns names and (4)Save

Filters setting


Setup required filters

Options setting


Setup options

User defined xml, transformation stylesheet and columns names


This section is used for special formatted export

Transformation sample You can find here: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-xslt-transformation-sample/

Transformation step by step tutorial You can find here: http://www.praotec.com/nvn-export-orders-simple-xslt-transformation-sample-step-by-step/

Save settings, export import settings, switch setting, export Order, Cron links



Recent files, extension and setting upload



Calculated fields:

Important – from version 2.3 all text fields should be enclosed in single quotes!!!


// invoice number with prefix and six digits

'invoice_prefix'.sprintf('%06d', 'invoice_number')

// export delivery company, if delivery company is empty will be exported first name + last name

('delivery_company' <> '') ? 'delivery_company' :  'first_name last_name'

How to add “Calculated fields” see here:



Replacement by map table



In this example all “Order status” fields with value “On backorder” will be changed to “Reserved” in exported file. (If “Target field” is not same as “Source fields”, values in “Target field” will be result of replacement .)


How to change export language


1 – select “Language in export”. This option work for some multi-language fields like produc name, description…

2 – important – for product name translation must be select “Remove combinations from product name”

3 – combinations should be added as extra field into export

4 – optionally can be translated fields columns names


16 comments for “NVN Export Orders – Instructions

  1. Rubén
    5.1.2016 at 16.06

    Hello, I find no way to export the field “private note” of the customer.
    Thank you

  2. Jakub
    29.2.2016 at 18.02


    My report shows the price for the order, then the price for the products and then names of the products. Problem is, I do not see the quantity for each products. For example I see there was 400€ for the order and there were 3 products ordered, then names of the products – product1, product2. But I do not know if there were 2pieces of product1 or product2. How can I do this please?

    • kafa
      1.3.2016 at 6.29

      do not use FILTER “Group by” . Then each product will be on new row with quantity for each product.

  3. 29.6.2016 at 17.59


    Is it possible that this calculation doesn’t work: ‘total_paid’ – ‘total_paid_tax_excl’
    What he does in my opinium is just ‘total_paid’ – ‘total_paid’
    I installed the last version 2.5.1

    Sorry I didn’t find your email anymore.

  4. kafa
    29.6.2016 at 18.43

    yes, You are right. This is my bug in fields tag name. Will be repaired this week.

    • kafa
      30.6.2016 at 9.19

      From version 2.5.8

      totalpaid – total_paid_tax_excl

      Without single quotes. Quoted should be only strings fields, not numbers in formula.

  5. 16.11.2016 at 20.52

    Hello, i have some questions:

    1.- it is posible to generate an export for every order to an specific mail?
    2.- can you edit the email with the export?
    3.- can you add some images to the excel export?

    Thank you

    • kafa
      17.11.2016 at 9.25


      1.- it is posible to generate an export for every order to an specific mail?
      depend what You mean.
      Is possible configure up to 6 setting. For example:
      setting1 to filter Orders by products from supplier1
      setting2 to filter Orders by products from supplier2
      Each setting can send filtered Orders to different emails

      2.- can you edit the email with the export?
      in email are only export orders as attachments.
      In setting you can change only “Email subject”, but before export. Email is sent automatically after export. If You need edit email before sent, disable sending to email and then you can send manually from your email client and edit before sent.

      3.- can you add some images to the excel export?
      no, only manually. Export can put into excel file only links (URL) of products images

  6. Eimear Murphy
    20.6.2017 at 13.25

    If I Change a supplier reference code for an existing product and then export orders for previous orders, will the new supplier code be in the report or the supplier code which was in existence when the order was processed ? Thanks

  7. 9.11.2017 at 14.13


    I would like to export at the same time some order and one file per order but even I click on the options “one order – one file” it export all order in one file. How I have to do it?

    • ka fa
      9.11.2017 at 14.36

      I’m not sure, if I understand well. But I think will be only something wrong in setting.
      I will contact You via email, wait a moment.

  8. Fábio
    12.3.2020 at 13.12

    Hi is possible test module some day before buy?

    • ka fa
      16.3.2020 at 7.50

      access to test site sent to email.

  9. Reinhard
    21.8.2022 at 8.23

    In the list of Available Fields i get the category_ID. Is it possible to get the name of the category ?

    • ka fa
      21.8.2022 at 10.55

      in version 2.x not. But will be in version 3.x

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