NVN Export Orders correct total without “Group by”



Remove “Total shipping” and insert “Calculated field” with formula (‘order_row’) ?  0 :  ‘total_shipping’



2 comments for “NVN Export Orders correct total without “Group by”

  1. 25.3.2021 at 20.24

    I have used this module for exporting orders 100 times, but after a short break ( 3 months) I cant download the file.
    I have set the Criteries and saved, Then “export orders” and I can see the file is generated, but when I download, nothing happens.

    Please help

    • ka fa
      26.3.2021 at 6.49

      depend on browser setting. But try this: right mouse click on generated file link – this show context menu. Select “Save as”. Or use “Send to email” option, generated file will be sent to your email.

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